Sunday, May 24

Palm Leaf, No Sew Halter: DIY

Ideas about how to recreate a t-shirt are constantly haunting me. 
I have so many thoughts about t-shirt it's a little crazy.
Why do I always go back to using t-shirts?
Well,  who doesn't  have a t-shirt lying around,
and if you don't have one they only cost $5.00.
Here is a quick way to spruce up a plain old white t-shirt.
Oh.. and I am a little obsessed with Palm leaves at the moment.

Saturday, May 23

Easy Wall Art: Be-YOU-Tiful Painting with Poster Puffy

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

Who doesn't need an encouraging word or affirmation once in awhile? Make your own inspirational quote art easily, with the help of Poster Puffy. This easy wall art is the perfect project for teens or tweens, and adults will enjoy it just as much! And psst -- I took a cue from preschool and did some finger painting for this project!

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

If you don't like messy art, don't let the "finger painting" thing scare you off -- you can make this art without your fingers, too! (But there is something seriously therapeutic about getting your hands messy with paint!) I know you are intrigued, so come find out how easy it is to make custom wall art!

Thursday, May 21

Space Sticker Resist ColorShot Shirts

I am pretty smitten with the new Tulip Color Shot line. Sure I work for them, but really - the colors are so vibrant, the paint goes on so dreamy and well it's spray color. There is nothing to mix or paint, just spray and go. I have a feeling by the end of the summer not much in my wardrobe will be safe from the spray. Look how bright and neon those colors are, I mean come on!

Wednesday, May 20

Color Shot T-Shirts

Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Puffs! DIY shirts are all the rage lately. I am all about spicing up T-Shirts and giving them a new take on life! I am super stoked about this new product by Tulip!

I can promise you that once you see how easy they are to use you are going to be RUNNING to the store! Let's get started because you are going to LOVE THIS!

Glue Embossed Accent Boxes

Accent boxes are like the 'little black dress' of home decor. They elevate the look and work with just about anything. Plus, a little storage never hurt anyone! 

Metalic tones are hot again this summer, so what better way to bring them inside with an easy-yet-eye-catching DIY project? 

You are going to love it!

Tuesday, May 19

Random Rainbow White Jeans with Color Shot!

Maybe it's because I was a kid in the 80's but I absolutely love white denim. You'd think I'd love acid wash jeans but I don't. Just no. I ordered a pair of white skinny jeans off of the internet and I wasn't quite as happy with them as I had thought I would be. Rather than return them I thought I'd DIY them and now I've got a pair of random rainbow white jeans that are pretty fab and totally one of a kind!

This project is so simple and so much fun and uses Tulip Color Shot. This stuff is amazing and one of my newest craft obsessions. I'm going to be painting up everything. Just you wait and see! But let's start with these fabulous technicolor trousers.

Monday, May 18

Father's Day Ceramic Plate

Hi everyone! Kathy here! Today I have a really fun paint-on-pottery project that is perfect for Father's Day! It's a fun one for the kids to make for Dad! 

Here's how I made it and the story of WHY I made it!

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