Sunday, November 23

Embellished Jeans

I have wanted a pair of embellished jeans ever since I saw 
my inspiration picture on Pinterest.(below)
Is this hard to do? 
No, it  just takes a little time.
Tulip Crystals make it much easier.

Saturday, November 22

Crystal Art Embroidery Hoop

I have a pile of embroidery hoops in my garage and decided to put them to work. Because I don't exactly have time to whip out a needle and thread these days, I went for a short cut - crystals and sequins! Perfect for this time of the year, right? 
Read on to see how I did it using Tulip Glam It Up Iron-On Crystals and Fashion Sequins!

Friday, November 21

Kitschy Vintage Inspired Bead and Sequin Ornament DIY

I have a thing for kitschy Christmas ornaments, especially vintage ones. I'm constantly inspired by vintage crafts and when it comes to Christmas there are about a bazillion variations on the Christmas ornaments. I am particularly smitten with vintage beaded and sequin ornaments. You might recall my Hot Air Balloon Ornament from last year. This year I made a whole new batch to match my new vintage beaded ornament wreath.

Thursday, November 20

6 Ways To Transform Your Ornaments With Puffy Paint

Looking for some super cute ways to decorate your ornaments this season that won't break the bank?  Whip up some adorable ornaments in minutes using a craft closet staple - Puffy Paint!
Now, when we talk about Puffy Paint, we actually are talking 3D Fabric Paint!  We make several brands of this paint, but recommend the Scribbles or Puffy Paint brand, which can be found at your local craft store!

Wednesday, November 19

How to make Sequin Ornaments

Bright, Bold and Beautiful is how I roll when it comes to anything in my life. If you know my style by now then you know I love adding pops of color and black and white to everything! When I saw these beautiful sequins I just knew they had to make a quick appearance on my studio Christmas tree. Let's just say this, they have moved twice so they are by themselves on some old branches I have in a vase and I think they like it better. These ornaments are fun to make and anyone can do them. When the holidays are over you can box them up carefully and reuse them the next year! PERK: you will NEVER find ornaments like your's in any store!
Let's get started!

Button Christmas Cards for Kids

Whether it’s for a holiday party at school, a Christmas gift for grandma or for their best friend, making homemade cards is a great way for kids to share the joy of the season. I have a really big stash of buttons so I thought I would show you and the kids how use them to decorate simple cards for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 18

Easy Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

My hands get really cold come the winter and for some reason my office is like an ice box if it's lower than 50 degrees outside. Since I still have to work even if my hands feel like ice cubes, I've started wearing fingerless gloves. And when I realized I could make my own, my collection grew like you wouldn't believe!
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