Tuesday, March 24

Pointilism Pocket T-shirt

PointilismPocketTee generation-t.com
Pssst! It's officially springtime, and that means it's time to pull all those T-shirts out from hibernation--or bring in some fresh ones to the rotations. In this one, Trompe l'oeil meets pointilism in a faux pocket T-shirt--a great low-stakes revamp that'll do wonders at masking a well-placed food stain or simply sprucing up a plain shirt. Making the dots is so meditative, I'm ready to lose myself in a Lichtenstein-inspired image next!

Monday, March 23

DIY Text Sweatshirt

There’s nothing like a comfy sweatshirt when the weather’s chilly, so why not embellish it with a fun saying to step it up a notch. The Tulip Dimensional Paints are super easy to use and create perfect dimensional letters.

Wednesday, March 18

Spring Stamped Pillows

Happy Day after St. Patricks Day! I am super stoked to share with you this geometric modern stamped pillows with you today.  We have been having lots of cold weather in the South lately and the past few days it's been nice and warm. The buds are starting to come out on trees and it totally put me in the mood for spring/summer! We just added an outdoor room onto our house that faces the garden and I wanted to make some cozy inviting pillows or the chairs. 

I swear I am justThe great thing about this project is kids can do it and they will have so much fun. Let's get started!!! Check out my last post I did! It is perfect for EASTER

Tuesday, March 17

DIY Dot Patterned Sneakers

Some days you've got it and some days you don't These shoes weren't my first or even second attempt to get a very foggy idea I had come up with and decided I needed. Red, yellow, pink and black diamonds. 
My first effort was comical and looked circus ready. My second I ditched the color for all black and then realized that though neat looking, weren't what I was going for. Just like Goldilocks, the third try was just right!

Grab a pair of white sneakers and
your Tulip Fabric Markers and let's get to it!

Saturday, March 14

Make a Kid Art Collage Quilt

Make a Kid Art Collage Quilt

Kid art is one of my favorite things, but I have too many boxes full of kid drawings! I wanted a great way to appreciate and display my son's 3rd grade class' adorable art, so I decided to help them make a fabric collage quilt. It turned out so cute! Let me show you how to make it, step by step...
Make a Kid Art Collage Quilt

Friday, March 13

Fused Ceramic Trays

I'm still going strong with ceramics! This time around, I played with Duncan EZ Strokes Translucent Underglazes, they are pure pigment and that got me pretty dang excited. I also had fun fusing these pieces together with Duncan French Dimensions to make jewelry or food trays!

Here is my video tutorial!

Thursday, March 12

Love Is An Open Door - Frozen Themed Party Favors

Anyone who has a kindergarten aged daughter turning 6 this year is probably familiar with the Disney movie Frozen. There is a good chance you have also been asked to throw a Frozen themed birthday party. Tallulah has had parties with themes like lumberjacks and fawns, and I knew the day would come when she wanted to pick her party - I just didn't know it would also come with the request to go to the party store and buy everything rather than make it. Sniff. I got the party-in-a-box as requested, but I was determined to at least have handmade party favors. I didn't actually hand make the favors, but I made kits so the kids could.
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