Saturday, August 23

No Sew Lace Trim Shorts

Denim is always huge for summer and it pairs well with most everything. So why not take those distressed shorts and add a touch of lace to create a new look for an old favorite. Using Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion you can add a lace trim in minutes with a no sew technique that’s as strong as thread. Click through to see how easy it is!

Friday, August 22

How to throw a fun-tastic Tie Dye Party!

Hi! I'm Rina, guest blogging from Mothership Scrapbook Gal!  I recently hosted a tie dye party using the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party kit and I wanted to share my experience with you as well as offer some tips for hosting your own successful tie dye party!

Play Scrabble on the Fridge

Do you love to play Scrabble but find it hard to play board games these days with everyone going in different directions? With school back in session, kids going to practice and recitals, and parents pulled between work, dinner and who's going to what game, it can be hard to make the time.

Instead, here's a fun way to have an ongoing game of scrabble that everyone in the family can play no matter when they are home!

Thursday, August 21

How to Dye Sun Faded Patio Furniture

I nabbed an amazing piece of vintage patio furniture at a Salvation Army last year. The problem was the color of the canvas on the chair and footstool looked like it had been sitting in the sun since 1978. Enter Tulip One-Step Extra Large Dye. This was just what I needed to add a pop of color back to my chair and footstool.

Wednesday, August 20

Halloween Face Paint Tutorial

With Halloween right around the corner I think it's time for us to start planning what we will dress up as! If you know anything about me then you know Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I think kids love this holiday the most because they can transform into any character they have always wanted to be and today I am showing you a product than can help make that happen. When you are turning yourself into a character you can't forget about the face! This Tulip Body Art is the most amazing product for face and body painting. 
Ready to see how I created my Skele-Dog face, let's go!

Tuesday, August 19

Artisan Tie Dyed Hobo Bags

I have loved tie dye for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid my dad pulled over to buy my sister and me a tie dyed shirt out of a VW van. I still wear that tie dye today. As an adult I've not been deterred by tie dye at all. I LOVE it. The bright colors, the unexpected results all add up to one amazing way to pep up one's wardrobe. 

After meeting the guy who used to tour with The Dead (yep, The Grateful Dead) as their official tie dye artist and chatting up all things tie dye I learned to appreciate even more that this isn't just a crafty hobby, but an art form. The Artisan Tie Dye Kits from Tulip are perfect for professional, artistic results!

Monday, August 18

What's New at iLoveToCreate: Tulip for Your Home

Looking for an easy way to add a little spice to your space, but don't want to break the budget?  Weve got you covered. This super new & fun DIY stencil program includes stencils, Soft paints, tools, and pillow covers, which will add an instant pop of personality to your textiles and decor!  Are you ready to give a fab makeover to your pillows, lampshades, tablecloths, floor cloths? Let's get this painting party started!
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