Wednesday, April 16

DIY - Faux Cross Stitched Shirt

I am so excited about this tutorial because I have never done any kind of cross stitching in my entire life. I know we can all shake our heads at me. I should be ashamed of myself, haha!  I like to figure out different ways to RE-CREATE things, so I thought it would be cool to show you a quick modern take on cross stitching. Don't worry, it's super easy and I know you will have fun with it.
P.S. I am doing a number in this tutorial however you can create any image you would like since the technique is mainly what I am showing you today.
Let's get started...

Tuesday, April 15

Sweet Chambray Sneakers Tutorial

I love sneakers and the cheaper the better, I say. Since I go through shoes hard and fast there is no reason to spend 50 bucks on a pair of name brand sneaks that are going to be hitting pavement so hard that they are worn out in a month or so. And when I saw these cheapies over at Wal-Mart for less than $6, I knew just what to do!

Monday, April 14

Funny Bunny Easter Egg Craft

I love making cute crafts for kids and giving inanimate objects life!  When I saw this pink plastic Easter egg, I immediately envisioned an adorable Easter bunny. This is a great project for the little ones, but they made need some help from Mom or Dad to do some of the fine details like cutting!

Hex Nut Cuff DIY

Create a cool honeycomb design on a cuff using hex nuts with this hardware store inspired Hex Nut Cuff DIY tutorial. Turn up the chic factor even more by adding Tulip glam-it-up crystals to the centers of some of the hex nuts. 

Friday, April 11

Floral Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

Here comes Peter Cottontail. He is hopping down the bunny trail. Is your house ready? Do you have those eggs decorated for your kids pre-school class? Do you need a craft for Sunday school? Grab some plastic eggs and Puffy Paint Writers and let' make some Easter crafts.

Faux Faberge Eggs Made with Puffy Paint

Easter is upon us, and I decided to make some pretty faberge-painted eggs that look really upscale considering they are just plastic eggs and puffy paint!  And you just need a few supplies to make these pastel eggs - easy & cheap...I'm all about that!

Guilty Pleasure Hair Clips

Books, coffee and crafts are my jam. So when I came across these miniatures at the craft store, I knew I had to make them into something wearable! Click below to see how I did it!
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