Friday, April 24

Flashy Fabric Statement Rings

I have a huge bin of small wood pieces and finally found something to use them for - flashy fabric statement rings! These are a breeze to whip up and make for a great girls' night project! And I bet you already have most of the supplies on hand!

OK, let me show you how to make them!

Thursday, April 23

No #lilyfortarget No Problem - Make Some No Sew Knock Off Napkin Pillows

So you didn't get up early enough on Sunday to score any #lilyfortarget Worse yet maybe you did get up and still didn't get anything. No Lilly, no problem. I was not about to swashbuckle my way through that sea of pink obsessed eBay reselling pirates. I instead had my eyes on some napkins, ball fringe and a bottle of Liquid Fusion. I slept in late Sunday and still got some rad 60's inspired outdoor pillows and you can too.

Tuesday, April 21

Zentangle Sneakers

If you're crafty I'm sure you've heard of Zentangle. I spent the longest time, and I do mean LONGEST trying to resist the doodling fad. But one day I decided to borrow a book from the library when I couldn't find anything else I wanted to take home. 

I got after it wit a piece of pink construction paper and my purple glitter pen. It looked like a tween was working it but it was so much fun. That was 1 week ago. And now I'm obsessed with two different notebooks and a good gazillion black markers to doodle my zentangles with. It seemed only  natural that I'd get after a pair of sneakers before too long. I held out 7 whole days!

Friday, April 17

Appliqué Tote

What do you do when you are an appliqué hoarder? You shut it down, that's what you do! But, what happens when you love all of those appliqués? That was my dilemma with my fabric stash and appliqués. I decided instead of tossing them I would glue them all on one tote bag! It created one bright bold statement that really represents my personality! I'm really happy I tried this idea! You just have to use Aleene's fabric fusion and put on some fun music and enjoy the therapeutic process of choosing designs and gluing them down.

See below to see how I did it!

8 DIY Projects that Reduce, Reuse and Reinvigorate for Earth Day

Earth Day is right around the corner. This is not the kind of holiday where you decorate an elaborate tree or wear a costume. This is a holiday that was put in place to make us more aware of our environment and how we can take care of it better. As crafters and members of the DIY community we can help too. Rather than running out to the store to buy more things I encourage you to look around your house, even in the garbage can, and see if you can create something from an item you already have. Something like junk mail that might have gone to a landfill can become a gorgeous set of coasters. Old stained T-shirts can be made into fabulous necklaces. Even last night's pizza box can become something new if you look at with crafty recycling eyes. I have compiled a few of my favorite I Love to Create projects that reduce, reuse and recycle with style and whimsey.

Wednesday, April 15

How to Bling-Up a Lamp

Happy Hump Day! Jaderbomb here and I am super stoked to show you what I made with my new tool from I Love to Create! Now I am from the South (DEEP SOUTH) and if you know anything about us cajuns then you know we LOVE everything jazzed up.  No kidding, we bedazzle anything and everything. The only problem is you have to BUY everything jazzed up already and you are sorta limited to what you can get. NOT ANYMORE Y'ALL!!!!

Today I am going to show you a snazzy little tool that will allow you to put jewels EVERYWHERE! 
I have so many ideas to use this for. Since Summer is right around the corner you can buy a plain bathing suit and add these jewels to the top part, decorate a onesie, an I-pad case, a pillow case and so much more. 

This is also a really great craft for kids to do. Just make sure they are monitored because this tool gets REALLY HOT and we don't want them to burn themselves. How cute would that be!
Let's get started!!!

Tuesday, April 14

Ombre Multi-way No-Sew Halter DIY

 I love to create different no sew designs in tee shirts.
Here is an easy no sew halter design I did 
that you can tie up in multiple ways
to create diverse looks.
Ombre is optional, but it is so fun and easy to create.
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